Generasi GIGIH Reflection Learning Week 2

“Time flies when you are having fun.” — Albert Einstein.

I can’t believe its been 2 week since the day I started my intermediate level at Generasi GIGIH. So far, its been a wonderful journey.

For this week we learned about analysis, statistic, and analysis doc. Our Mentors were kak Arnold Zakaria (BI Lead at GoTo Financial) and kak Calvin N Halomoan Sibarani (Data Analyst at Gojek). They gave us such a insightful mentorship that I got a lot of new knowledges during the sessions.

As I mention a lot in my previous blog, Data Analyst is a new thing for me. Yes, As a information system graduate, I should knew basic of it and I did because I learn about data especially database at university, but it was not my major interest back then so I never got a chance to know deep down about data analyst.

With that being said, I know nothing about data analyst and how to create a analysis document before this sessions started. But, I already knew about the statistic that was held on the second session. I have learned it at university and its actually one of my favorite subject so I still remember some of it when the mentor explain about the subject.

On this module, we have 3 sessions which means 3 meetings. On the first session, which is about data analysis, important steps on data analytics, data preparation and data transformation. On the second session, we talked about descriptive statistic, statistical inference, hypothesis, and P value. And lastly on the last session, we talk about the importance of analysis document and 5 essential steps in creating a analysis doc (background, scope/limitation, objective, analysis methodology, and recommendation/result).

To be honest, I feel like I still need to rewind the first session record because I still need to understand it more. But so far, my favorite session is the last one because, I don’t know, I think I understand it well and the discussion I had with my classmate was amazing. And yes, every session has its own discussion group which is help me a lot on understanding the subject. It is a different people every discussion so its nice to know everybody.

The mentors like to give examples based on their experiences like the problem they faced at work and how to handled it. I really hope I got to experience what they have been experience so that I have prepared. From this week, I feel like I have become an open minded person that see cases from so many perspective and I believe all the knowledges I got from this week will help me a lot for my future work.

So, that’s all my story on week 2 reflection. I think I found myself enjoying writing on this platform. Please don’t mind my English writing, I still working on improving it. Really hope I got a lot to share in this platform, but that’s all for now. Ciao!

Week 2of intermediate level with kak Calvin and kak Arnold